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Cameron Barth - Ph. D., MNRM, B.Sc.

Senior Aquatic Biologist/Principal

Primary Areas of Expertise - Lake Sturgeon, First Nation capacity building, fisheries mitigation strategies
Cameron has over 20 years of experience in the field of aquatic biology/fisheries science, much of it focused on rivers impacted by the hydroelectric sector. Specifically, Cam has considerable experience studying Lake Sturgeon, having worked extensively on each life stage in large regulated river systems and associated tributaries, as well as smaller river systems throughout the species range. Cam has worked extensively to build capacity with First Nation members in the conduct of field work related to environmental monitoring programs. He was the lead author of the Lake Sturgeon section of the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program for the Keeyask Hydroelectric Generation Project and much of his recent work has focused on assessing how best to utilize/design mitigation strategies to improve Lake Sturgeon populations impacted by hydroelectric facilities.
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