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Richard Remnant - M.N.R.M., B.Sc.

Senior Fisheries Biologist/Principal

Primary Areas of Expertise - project management, aquatic baseline studies, EISs, aquatic effects monitoring, fish passage, invasive species
Richard has 30 years of experience in the field of fisheries and aquatic science and over 24 years with North/South Consultants Inc. Presently, his primary role is Project Management and the responsibility for the design, co-ordination and presentation of fish community components of environmental impact statements and monitoring programs. He has also been actively involved in offsetting plans, interpretation of environmental legislation as it relates to the aquatic environment, fish passage assessments, and consultation and liaison with clients, First Nation Groups, regulatory authorities (e.g., DFO), and the public. Much of Richard's work has been in northern Canada and he has worked extensively in the hydroelectric and mining sectors.
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