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Stuart Davies - B.Sc., R.P. Bio. (B.C.), EP


Primary Areas of Expertise - project management, EIAs, cumulative effects
Stuart has been President of North/South Consultants since its incorporation and has over 40 years of experience in the environmental field. During this time he has managed, administered, and/or coordinated over 700 national and international environmental contracts. He has been involved as a Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, or senior member of management teams on numerous large scale environmental assessment projects including several projects that are among the largest in western Canada. He has experience at all stages of environmental assessment, from planning, through the EIS and hearings, to monitoring and has lead several project and regional cumulative impact assessments. He has acted as the panel lead for a hearing on a multibillion dollar hydroelectric project and has testified on aquatic, terrestrial, heritage and resource use components of an EIA.
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