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Wolfgang Jansen - Ph.D., M.Sc., Dipl-Ing. agr.

Senior Aquatic Scientist

Primary Areas of Expertise - mercury mobilization and bioaccumulation, fish passage, invasive species
Wolfgang received a M.Sc degree from the University of Manitoba and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. He has 30 years of experience conducting research programs and environmental monitoring and impact assessments related to the effects of a variety of development projects on freshwater and wetland environments. Wolfgang joined NSC in 2001 and has worked extensively on mercury issues related to hydroelectric development, particularly in relation to fish mercury concentrations and their impact on local resource use. He has wrote or contributed to the fish mercury component of Environmental Impact Statements for several large hydroelectric projects in Manitoba and B.C. Wolfgang's expertise also includes ecological impact of aquatic invasive species, and fish migration and fish swimming performance, particularly fishway use and fish passage through hydroelectric stations.

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