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10,000 Tonne Marine Oil Spill Exercise

Client: Western Canada Marine Response Corporation
Date: 2012

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10,000 Tonne Marine Oil Spill Exercise

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC), as part of its certification program, is required to demonstrate to Transport Canada its capability to handle various oil spills. The oil spill exercise program is carried out over a three-year certification period. This tabletop exercise was an announced drill to demonstrate WCMRC's capability to respond to a spill of approximately 10,000 tonnes (ten million litres) in Haro Strait, British Columbia. Since the spill occurred in Haro Strait, which borders Canadian and United States waters, it had the potential to impact shorelines in both countries. The Canadian Coast Guard was the Lead Government Agency and Federal Monitoring Officer for the exercise. The exercise was conducted in real-time and any input challenges were presented at a realistic pace to allow the events to unfold.

NSC's role in the project:

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