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Shamattawa First Nation Traditional Land Use Update Project

Client: Shamattawa First Nation/Manitoba Hydro
Location: Shamattawa First Nation, Manitoba
Date: 2014

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Shamattawa First Nation Traditional Land Use Update Project

A land use and occupancy update project was undertaken to expand upon a former land use and occupancy study conducted in 2009 by IRMA Inc. Objectives of the study were to: better understand the spatial patterns of traditional resource use and the potential for interactions with future hydroelectric or transmission development projects; understand the importance of resources harvested to the livelihood of Shamattawa First Nation (SFN) members; understand the use of commercial resources, specifically, the patterns and importance of commercial trapping; and provide SFN with information to conduct future planning and management of lands and resources. This project built upon two former studies that NSC conducted with Shamattawa including an aquatics Traditional Ecological Knowledge workshop and a place-based experiential field trip within SFN's traditional territory.

NSC's role in the project:

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