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Wuskwatim Generation Project - Resource Use Assessment and Monitoring

Client: Manitoba Hydro
Location: Nelson House Resource Management Area, northern Manitoba
Date: 1999-Ongoing

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Wuskwatim Generation Project - Resource Use Assessment and Monitoring

The Wuskwatim Generation Project is a 200 megawatt hydroelectric generating station on the Burntwood River at the outlet of Wuskwatim Lake in northern Manitoba. Construction on the project began in 2006 and was completed in late 2012. Ownership of the project is by the Wuskwatim Power Limited Partnership, a partnership between Manitoba Hydro and Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN). Under the terms of the project development agreement, Manitoba Hydro manages the operation of the station.

As part of the licensing process, Manitoba Hydro and NCN were required to assess potential effects to resource use and develop a monitoring program to determine effects during project construction and operation. The assessment and monitoring focused on key resource use components that might be impacted by the project, including domestic/subsistence activities such as hunting, trapping, and fishing for food and collection of plants for medicinal and dietary purposes, as well as commercial fishing and trapping.

NSC's role in the project:

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