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Fish and Shellfish Ageing

Fish ageing can provide an indication of population health and year-class strength. NSC has conducted over 600 freshwater fish ageing contracts for a variety of clients over the past 25 years. NSC employs a quality assurance program that ensures accuracy and efficiency. The specific nature of an ageing contract depends on type and number of structures, fish species, and ageing method employed. Our ageing lab can process large volumes of structures, and can provide digital microscopic images, annuli measurements, age comparisons between structures (fin rays, scales, cleithra, otoliths), and oxytetracycline analysis.

Our ageing clients include:

Hatfield Consultants

Klohn Crippen Berger

Ecofish Research

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

GHD Limited

Ecometrix Incorporated

Dave Bustard and Associates

Environmental Resources Management

Knight Piésold Consulting

AMEC Foster Wheeler



Gwiitch'in Renewable Resources Board

Diversified Environmental Services

BC Ministry of Environment

Environment Canada

Northern Environmental Consulting and Analysis

PGL Environmental Consulting

Gamberg Consulting

Environment Yukon

Yukon Energy Corporation

Parks Canada

Manitoba Water Stewardship

Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management


Ontario Power Generation


Manitoba Hydro

Department of Fisheries and Oceans


Azimuth Consulting

BC Hydro

Cambrian Gordon

BC Forestry Lands and Natural Resources

Triton Environmental Consultants

Tetra Tech EBA

H2O Power LP

Wek'eezhii Renewable Resources Board

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