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Megan Cooley - M.Sc., B.Sc., P. Biol.

Vice President/Senior Aquatic Biologist

Primary Areas of Expertise - project management, environmental impact assessment, water quality, toxicology, aquatic effects monitoring
Since joining NSC in 1999, Megan has managed and participated in projects related to hydroelectric development, mining, municipal and industrial wastewater discharges, water diversion, aquatic ecosystem health monitoring and assessment, oil and gas development, construction monitoring, contaminated site monitoring and assessment, and nutrient assessments in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and the Canadian arctic. Megan's areas of expertise include environmental impact assessment, design and interpretation of aquatic monitoring programs, limnology, nutrients/eutrophication, biological indicators of contamination and stress in aquatic biota and biomonitoring, aquatic toxicology, and water and sediment quality assessment and monitoring.

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