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Grand Rapids Walleye Spawning Enhancement Project

Client: Manitoba Hydro
Location: Grand Rapids, Manitoba
Date: 1997-Ongoing

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Grand Rapids Walleye Spawning Enhancement Project

In an effort to improve Walleye production in the Grand Rapids area, Manitoba Hydro constructed a Walleye spawning enhancement reach within the generating station spillway channel in 1997. In addition, a total of 97.5 million Walleye (eggs/larvae) were stocked in the channel from 1997 through 2010. By 2011, it was clear that the spawning enhancement works were not attracting sexually mature fish, but Walleye abundance in the powerhouse tailrace had increased dramatically. The project was converted to a spawn taking and stocking exercise evaluated through oxytetracycline marking of larvae.

NSC's role in the project:

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