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Pinawa Channel Control Dam Rehabilitation

In 1951, the Pinawa Channel Control Dam was converted into a diversion dam to direct more flow through the Seven Sisters GS on the Winnipeg River. In 2010, it was determined that structural repairs to the diversion dam were required and rock fill was added to the downstream side. The project was a Class 2 development under The Manitoba Environment Act and as such, Manitoba Hydro prepared an Environmental Assessment report. The report concluded that no significant impacts were expected to the aquatic environment as a result of the project. However, in order to comply with DFO's "No Net Loss" of Fish Habitat Policy (1998), Manitoba Hydro was required to compensate for habitat loss. Compensation focused on increasing the productive capacity of existing habitat at the development site by constructing two 500 m2 rock shoals. Monitoring of physical conditions and fish and invertebrate utilization of the compensation shoals was conducted in the spring and fall seasons for two years after construction.

NSC's role in the project:

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