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Literature Reviews and Data Compilations

NSC has accumulated an impressive library specializing in the aquatic environment, encompassing such topics as water quality, resource use, socioeconomics, biophysical environment, cumulative effects assessments, marine environment, parasitology, mercury effects, and Arctic research. NSC has also amassed a unique collection of historical federal and provincial agency reports. NSC's team of scientists are experienced in the compilation of information from published peer reviewed and grey literature, as well as the consolidation of information contained in databases. For particular projects, we have also identified and obtained relevant, previously unpublished raw data sets that are relevant to the topic being examined. We have authored synthesis reports for both industry and the public sector, which have involved the compiling and analysing of multi-year data over a broad geographical area on such topics as aquatic environment monitoring, fish movements, fish life history including spawning and larval fish, water quality, lower trophic levels including benthic invertebrates, Lake Sturgeon abundance, mercury concentrations in fish, and stream bioassessment.

Representative projects:

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