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First Nations Liaison and Training

At NSC, a holistic approach involving aquatic biologists, First Nations members, and resource managers is instrumental in the success of our programs. When development is proposed, collaborative relationships with local First Nations communities provide valuable insight regarding the types of fish preferred for domestic consumption, the location of prime fishing areas, and factors that have affected or could affect the commercial and domestic fisheries. These types of local knowledge inform the design of our field programs, and monitoring plans are developed to include components that examine issues that concern area residents. In addition, First Nations community members are essential components of our field crews, serving as guides and boat operators in areas that are difficult to navigate and as field assistants to our technicians and biologists. On larger projects, NSC has facilitated formal safety and technical training of First Nations field assistants. NSC has also been engaged by First Nations organizations across Canada to provide advice and professional expertise related to the review of development proposals that are predicted to impact traditional territories.

Representative projects:

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