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NSC is nationally and internationally recognized for its expertise in the aquatic environment. The company has extensive experience in the areas of: environmental impact assessments and post-project audits; water and sediment quality assessments; baseline aquatic/habitat surveys and resource inventories; aquatic habitat enhancement and restoration projects; freshwater nutrient/eutrophication assessments; lake and watershed assessments; regulatory licensing and approvals; environmental monitoring programs; water quality modelling; GIS mapping analysis; and, modelling of aquatic ecosystems.

NSC has undertaken environmental field investigations in locations ranging as far north as the Beaufort Sea, and as far south as the Republic of Togo; however, the company's focus is on projects in Canada. NSC has conducted field programs in all provinces from British Columbia to Ontario and all three territories, and has a long and well-established record of working cooperatively with Inuit and First Nations' communities across northern Canada.

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