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Environmental Modelling and Visualization

Modelling is an essential component of aquatic environment effects assessments because of its role in determining future conditions with projects in place. Using a combination of baseline data, monitoring results from similar projects, and data published in peer-reviewed journals, it provides creditable outputs that are recognized by regulators. For example, data collected by NSC have been used to assess the area of available Lake Sturgeon spawning habitat below a generating station (Habitat Suitability Index or HSI modelling), and to predict the distribution of aquatic habitat in a proposed reservoir. NSC has also used modelling to help assess the potential success of proposed mitigation and offsetting measures; examples include the interpretation of 2-dimensional velocity fields as they relate to fish swimming performance and use of constructed habitat by a particular fish species. Visualization of present and future environmental conditions allow for important decision making. NSC uses a variety of data sets and software packages to help clients visualize real world conditions in the form of realistic digital models.

Representative projects:

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